Big House on the Prairie

2nd and 3rd grade

Offered: Wednesday thru Friday, Year Around (One visit: 2 Hours in the Fall OR Spring)

Each child receives a David Davis Mansion Coloring Book!


In this field trip, students will take a detailed tour of the mansion and explore the differences between their modern home and community and that of the nineteenth century. They will:

  • Discuss 19th century transportation and common technologies used for communication
  • Explore the relationship between Lincoln and Davis
  • Discover what makes the mansion “Victorian” 
  • Talk about the family, as well as the people who worked in the house, and all of their unique jobs/roles
  • Think about what people did for entertainment and try out a stereoscope
  • Try on some clothes/hats like the ones worn in the 1800’s
  • Discover how the Davis family entertained guests and experience a historic tea service
  • Learn about new kitchen inventions/technologies and food preparation techniques