Ewing Manor


48 Sunset Road, Bloomington, IL


Ewing Manor, built by Davis and Hazle Buck Ewing, stands on the estate once known as Sunset Hill. The Channel-Norman style house was completed in 1929.

The Ewing Manor is built mainly of limestone that the Ewing couple purchased from Joliet, Illinois and places in Wisconsin. Using local materials helped create a residential structure that was and continues to be compatible with its environment. Ewing Manor also features hand-hewn timber framing made of cypress.

The Ewing couple favored a rustic style for their manor, and they achieved an ancient appearance successfully by employing various techniques. The limestone they used was left out in the open for the winter to age. The hand-hewn cypress timbers were sandblasted to achieve the weathered look. Used bricks were taken from Wochner Brewery, an abandoned local brewery, and used for building the courtyard.


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